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This article or section is a stub about an ability in Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon.This article or section is a stub about an ability in World of Final Fantasy.

Absorb Speed: Absorbs X% movement speed from the target for X seconds.

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This article or section is a stub about an ability in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Looked up the rune on the wiki and it says that it deals physical damage with adaptive.Bio is a level 4 Black Magic spell that can be bought for 3,000 gil at Regole, Castle of Bal, Quelb, and Castle Surgate.

The imposter Rydia along with Palom and Rydia already known the spell.It never fails unless the target is completely immune to Poison.Angel Wing - Blue Magic - Combine - Duel - Renzokuken - Shot - Slots Magic.

Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. the Sky Asunder deals X damage to target creature with.The spell can be bought in Rabanastre, Nalbina Fortress, and the Phon Coast after the Mt Bur-Omisace events for 4900 gil.

Ogir-Yensa Sandsea - Nam-Yensa Sandsea - Tomb of Raithwall Purvama.Auto-battle - Auto-chain - Auto-cover - Auto-hinder - Auto-support - Auto-heal - Abilities - Repeat - Items - Change Leader Passive abilities.Level 1-100: Gargantua, Griever, Malboro Level 20-100: Blue Dragon, Chimera, Left Orb, Tri-Face Level 30-100: Anacondaur, Lefty, Vysage.Bio is one of the spells that can be cast from the Wonder Wand for free.Its upgrade is Scourge, which causes heavier damage and inflicts Sap to all targets in range.

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Curse - Cursega - Debrave - Debravega - Defaith - Defaithga - Deprotect - Deprotega - Deshell - Deshellga - Disaster - Dispel - Dispelga - Imperil - Imperilga - Poison - Poisonga Other EP.Attack - Blitz - Ruin - Ruinga - Meteor Javelin Monster-only command.Balefire: Deals X magic damage for X seconds or until detonated by a power attack.

Auto-Abilities - Difficulty level - Elements - Enemies - Enemy Abilities - Energy Points - Overclock - Schemata - Stagger - Stats - Statuses Field.Shoots a mid range magic projectile in the general direction of your cursor that deals damage equal to your Magic stat.Bio is a level 4 black magic,it deals non-elemental damage and inflicts Sap.Before the rules changes in Magic 2010, lifelink was a triggered. 702.15d The lifelink rules function no matter what zone an object with lifelink deals damage from.Attack - Absorb - Card - Darkside - Defend - Devour - Doom - Draw - Fortify ( Dummied ) - GF - Item - Kamikaze - LV Down - LV Up - Mad Rush - Magic - MiniMog - Recover - Revive - Treatment - W-Item ( Dummied ) Guardian Force related.The enemies Dark Element, Dark Flan, and Nega Elemental all use the spell.It deals light poison magic damage to one target, it can initially be used two times and it can be honed to Rank 5.A master of shadow magic who specializes in drains and damage-over-time spells. Doom deals damage 3 sec faster, and it summons 1 Wild Imp when it deals damage.

It cannot be reflected, but can be countered with Return Magic, and MP can be absorbed from it from Absorb MP.Bangaa Hunter - Bansat - Dalmascan Soldiers - Gabranth - Garif Hunter - Garif Warrior - Insecure Seeq - Krjn - Monid - Rabanastre Watch - Seeq Fisher - Viera Wayfarer Other.Final Fantasy XIII Battle Ultimania - Final Fantasy XIII Scenario Ultimania - Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega - Final Fantasy XIII -Corridor of Memory-.Card Type: Sorcery Casting Cost: Card Text: ooX Drain Life deals X damage to target creature or player.Acid - Aqua Breath - Bad Breath - Degenerator - Electrocute - Fire Breath - Gatling Gun - Homing Laser - Laser Eye - Lv.Poison Damage has the chance to proc the Poison Status Effect which deals Poison Damage over 12 seconds.Curaga - Arise - Esunada - Decoy - Quake - Overclock - Army of One - Escape - Chronostasis - Teleport Auto-Abilities.Magic Weapon Force Weapon. put all the elemental damage you can on it to 16-stack Elemental.

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Serah learns on level 9 and Noel on 28, and some Paradigm Pack monsters learn it as well.It has a base power of 130 and inflicts non-elemental damage to one or all enemies.

Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game that combines strategy and fantasy. If player one deals 4 damage to player two, player two loses 4 life.

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Smite deals true damage,. (6 x level) magic damage over 3 seconds. V4.20. Can now be upgraded through the purchase of any of four different jungle items.This article or section is a stub about a spell in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.Sudden Demise deals X damage to each creature of the chosen color.Bloodthirsty - Stagger: Wound - Stagger: Drain - Fog Chaser - Poison Chaser - Pain Chaser - Curse Chaser - Imperil Chaser - Deshell Chaser - Deprotect Chaser - Slow Chaser - Haste Feeder - Bravery Feeder - Faith Feeder Command.

See also: Biora, Bioga, Poison (ability), Poisonga (Final Fantasy XI) or Scourge (poison ability).Enchanting - List of Rune translations and Glyph combinations. Flame - Deals (x) Flame Damage.It inflicts the Poison status without dealing any other damage.Gysahl - Forge (Rare) - Nora Estheim - Slaughterhouse Zoe - Tenio - Tour Guide Entities.Bio is a status that can be inflicted by King Leo, the Little Pirate monster, and the Evil Puppet Show artifact.Auto-chain - Fire - Fira - Firaga - Blizzard - Blizzara - Blizzaga - Thunder - Thundara - Thundaga - Water - Watera - Waterga - Aero - Aerora - Aeroga - Flamestrike - Froststrike - Sparkstrike - Aquastrike - Army of One - Cold Blood - Last Resort Sentinel Passive.Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Music.When this creature deals combat damage to your opponent,. your opponent takes X damage,.

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